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Laura Elizabeth Ingalls aka Laura Ingalls Wilder

(7 February 1867 - 10 February 1957)
Author and Pioneer

Laura Elizabeth Ingalls was born 7 February 1867 in Pepin County, Wisconsin, to Caroline Lake Quiner and Charles Phillip Ingalls. Laura had an older sister, Mary, two younger sisters, Caroline "Carrie" and Grace, and an infant brother, Charles Frederic, who died just before he turned 10 months of age in 1886.

The family lived in several locations, including Montgomery County, Kansas (Indian Territory); Walnut Grove, Redwood County, Minnesota; Winneshiek County, Iowa; and settled in DeSmet, South Dakota.

Laura, as Laura Ingalls Wilder, wrote a beloved series of children's books lovingly referred to as "The Little House Books". The books were based on her family's pioneering adventures settling "the West". One book focuses on the children of her husband, Almanzo Wilder, and his family in Malone, Franklin County, New York.

Laura and Almanzo Wilder were married 25 August 1885 in DeSmet, Kingsbury County, South Dakota.Their daughter, Rose Wilder, was born 5 December 1886 in DeSmet. Rose would become known as Rose Wilder Lane, a well-known writer of her time. Their unnamed infant son was born 1 August 1889 and died 12 August 1889 in DeSmet where he is buried.

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